Governments in the 21st Century face an array of challenges - from the simple to the complex.

Australian Futures Project’s discussions with senior public sector leaders and politicians identified a need for public servants to:

  1. First refine their ability to classify challenges so that they can apply the most appropriate tools and approaches; and then

  2. Expand their “toolkit” to include tools and approaches best suited to solving complex societal challenges.

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“One of the best-facilitated training sessions I’ve attended; focused, relevant sessions, clear engaging exercises, focused engagement with new people.”
— Participant, Australian Attorney-General’s Department

The course provides the latest tools and approaches to developing responses to complex challenges. Participants learn how to deploy this new “toolkit” by working on real challenges confronting participating departments. Challenges range from service design and delivery to policy development and implementation to the way government itself operates.

21st Century Service is offered as a one-day foundational course and a six-day practitioner course. Departments can also choose to undertake a train-the-trainer program so they can deliver the one-day course themselves.

Australian Futures Project also works on a bespoke basis to support and coach departmental teams applying the new “toolkit” to live challenges within the department. Participants in the practitioner course pitch their solutions to senior public servants, with some solutions being adopted and developed further by government departments outside the course.