Until short-termism is fixed, we can’t create the future Australians actually want.

We won’t have meaningful tax reform, address Indigenous disadvantage, or prepare for our ageing population. We won’t have affordable housing, affordable childcare, or the skills for the jobs of the future. We won’t address climate change and the energy crisis, increase our engagement with Asia, or achieve equality for women. We won’t build adequate infrastructure, address the mental health crisis, or kick-start our stagnant productivity. The list goes on.


Australia’s decision making system has not kept up with a dramatically changed social, economic, environmental, and technological context.

This has made it hard for politicians and leaders in all sectors to set out clear and compelling visions that are relevant to the new context. It has made it hard for government and society as a whole to have the capability to tackle today’s big issues. And it has made it hard for individuals to hold leaders and institutions to account.

We’re fixing short-termism with three projects


Australian Futures Monitor

Empowering the public to hold politicians and leaders to account

Coming in 2019

An interactive tool based on what Australians want for the future, informed by postcode-by-postcode data and analysis of their values and aspirations. These findings will be available to inform leaders, the public, and other organisations and to fact-check and hold to account those misrepresenting the views of the majority.


Parliamentary Leaders Program

World-class professional development for Australia’s next generation of politicians

2019 course dates to be announced soon

Unlike other professions, politicians receive no training or ongoing professional development. Australian Futures Project has created a world-class professional development program designed exclusively for Australia’s best and brightest politicians. Our objective is to produce a new generation of politicians who govern well in office, hold the government of the day to account, and transform the political system itself.


Federation 2.0

Updating Australia’s “operating system” for the 21st Century

Coming in 2019

It’s been 120 years since Federation. The world has changed dramatically and Australia’s system for making important decisions has not kept up. Federation 2.0 installs these updates, introducing one major catalytic reform to Australia’s decision-making system every three to five years, unleashing faster action on important individual long-term issues.

Our work shifts systems

A nationwide ideas competition focused on creating positive change on the ten things Australians care most about. Leading organisations supported the top 10 ideas to be brought to life.

Conducted by Galaxy Research and commissioned by the Australian Futures Project through the Barrett Values Centre and Corporate Evolution, the National Values Survey showed what Australians value and most care about.

A national initiative connecting the public with experts to get involved in solving four big challenges facing Australia - the energy crisis, the future of work, housing affordability and thriving kids.

The Future Fix

The Future Fix is a multi-media series produced with Australian Futures Project, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.


Ralph Ashton on how to short-circuit short-termism


While politicians refuse to act, Australians become more overweight

Explainer by Dana McCauley


We work with the system to improve the system

Foundation Academic Partner


Catalytic Philanthropists

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