Australia is doing well on many fronts, however the lack of action on important long-term issues is holding us back.

Until short-termism is fixed, Australians won’t have the country they want. Big issues will fester unresolved.

We won’t have meaningful tax reform, address Indigenous disadvantage, or prepare for our ageing population. We won’t have affordable housing, affordable childcare, or the skills for the jobs of the future. We won’t address climate change and the energy crisis, increase our engagement with Asia, or achieve equality for women. We won’t build adequate infrastructure, address the mental health crisis, or kick-start our stagnant productivity. The list goes on.


We envision an Australia where all parts of society demand and work constructively toward decisions and actions that balance the immediate and long-term needs of the country



While others address the symptoms, our three initiatives tackle the three root causes of short-termism

Australia now has a choice. Either address the causes of short-termism so that all Australians enjoy a bright future. Or leave it in the too hard basket, allowing narrow vested interests to capture the benefits.

  1. Australian Futures Monitor - refocusing the national conversation on the things that matter

  2. Parliamentary Leaders Program - fixing Australia's broken politics

  3. Federation 2.0 - bringing Australia's decision-making system into the 21st Century

In the media


“We’re all in a system, and we actually all make up that system, and we all determine whether that system works well or not”

Ralph Ashton, Executive Director, Australian Futures Project, on how to short-circuit short-termism in Australia.

Short-term thinking is creating long-term Problems

Opinion, Ralph Ashton, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald

Australia is behaving like a spoiled brat

Opinion, Ralph Ashton, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald

Ralph Ashton on Kevin Rudd

The Australian Financial Review


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