Australian Futures

Australian Futures Monitor

Refocusing the national conversation on the things that matter

Launching 2019

Too often, the national conversation is hijacked by a loud minority claiming to represent the views of the majority.

The Australian Futures Project has partnered with Roy Morgan to create the Australian Futures Monitor, the most authoritative data on the values, aspirations and concerns of Australians, to hold leaders and institutions to account by refocusing the national conversation on the issues Australians truly care about.

Parliamentary Leaders

Parliamentary Leaders Program

Fixing Australia's broken politics

$100,000 scholarship launch in 2019

Governing in the 21st Century is more complex than ever, and unlike other professions, politicians receive no formal training or professional development.

Offered in partnership with La Trobe University, The University of Western Australia and Corporate Evolution, The Parliamentary Leaders Program is Australia’s only program dedicated to transforming the capabilities of the nation’s politicians. In 2019 we are launching a $100,000 scholarship fund to ensure that by 2021 one-third of sitting parliamentarians are equipped and confident to solve Australia’s big issues and fix the political system. 

Federation 2.0


Bringing Australia's decision-making system into the 21st Century

Launching 2019

It’s been 120 years since Federation. The world has changed dramatically and Australia’s system for making important decisions has not kept up.

Federation 2.0 is a collaborative initiative that brings together Australia’s top thinkers and institutions to install one major long-term catalytic reforms to Australia’s decision-making system, regardless of how impossible they might at first appear – such as streamlining Australia’s three levels of government, implementing five-year fixed terms across all jurisdictions, or handing over a class of important decisions (e.g. energy, infrastructure) to independent bodies modelled on the Reserve Bank of Australia.