Australia is a magnificent nation. But short-termism is blocking a flourishing future.


The world never stops changing. 

Democracies that adapt flourish. Those that don't wither.

But Australia is trapped in short-termism and failing to seize opportunities and address the challenges that will ensure a flourishing future. 

Until short-termism is fixed, we can’t create the future Australians actually want. We won’t have meaningful tax reform, address Indigenous disadvantage, or prepare for our ageing population. We won’t have affordable housing, affordable childcare, or the skills for the jobs of the future. We won’t address climate change and the energy crisis, increase our engagement with Asia, or achieve equality for women. We won’t build adequate infrastructure, address the mental health crisis, or kick-start our stagnant productivity. The list goes on. 

But we are optimists. We deeply believe Australia has the determination and know-how to address these issues. We know powerful levers exist to fix short-termism. We know there is widespread hunger to act.

To fix short-termism, Australian democracy needs three things:

  1. Vision: Politicians who offer relevant and compelling visions for the future of the nation
  2. Capability: Governments that solve Australia’s big challenges
  3. Accountability: A simple way for the public to hold government leaders (politicians and public servants) to account for the future they are creating on behalf of all Australians

Our Focus

It is the job of politicians to offer the vision. The Australian Futures Project therefore focusses on capability and accountability. We do this by finding and building catalytic initiatives that:

  • Equip governments (politicians and public servants) to solve Australia's big challenges
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  • Empower Australians to hold government to account for creating the future Australians want
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