As leaders today, politicians face a more complex, pressured and difficult job than ever before.


The Parliamentary Leaders Program is a high-impact, time-optimised and effective program for leaders who wish to strengthen their capability in responding to the challenges of the 21st Century.


At a glance:

Designed with input from politicians and political parties, the sessions provide a stimulating and intellectually challenging experience using small group discussions, scenario building, workshops, case studies and high-profile guest speakers.


Why participate?

There are very few leadership programs directly targeted for MPs. I found this extremely beneficial in enhancing my awareness and guiding me to confidence to be the leader I know I can be and have a positive impact on my state.
— The Hon. Ruth Forrest MLC

This program is part of the Australian Futures Project's commitment to improving the understanding of key challenges facing Australia, increasing the quality of discussion about those challenges and increasing the quality of action towards the future Australians want. 


Impact and Outcomes

The leadership program is essentially about power - not the power to the position we hold, but of us as people to bring about change. I wish a course like this had been available when I was elected to parliament. I am more powerful and effective representative because of it.
— Julie Owens MP, Member of Parramatta
For a Parliamentarian, it is your leadership that will be your legacy. The PLP will define how you lead in the future - to be a transformer.”
— Susan Lamb MP, Member for Longman
I found that I had the confidence to commit to policy direction and pursue it rather than accepting advice from more experienced team members ‘that it could not be done’. Without the catalyst of this course, I’m not sure that would have been possible at this early stage of my political experience.
— Ann Sudmalis MP, Member for Gilmore

The Parliamentary Leaders Program is endorsed by the President of the Liberal Party of Australia and the President of the Australian Labor Party.

Having seen the beneficial outcomes of this program in its first three years, the Liberal Party is eager to see it continue to grow and serve our parliamentary leaders. There is clearly significant benefit to participants.
— President of the Liberal Party of Australia, The Hon Nick Greiner AC
The Australian Labor Party is proud to support a non-partisan initiative such as this, which builds
on democratic traditions of public leadership and contribution, while also equipping participants with the necessary skills for Parliament in the 21st century.
— President of the Australian Labor Party, The Hon Mark Butler MP


6-8 June, 2018
The University of Western Australia

Designed in partnership with Corporate Evolution and The University of Western Australia, this iteration of the program has been tailored specifically for West Australian Parliamentarians. 



To receive more information or to register your interest in the Parliamentary Leaders Program please contact our Director of Programs, Chloë Spackman